Very Bright Orb UFO Spotted Over London Park (August 5th 2017)

This object was visible for quite some time

A bright orange orb appeared out of the blue over a park in London on August 5th. Plainly visible in the footage below, the UFO does not show up until around 0:40 seconds in, but is worth the wait as it truly defies explanation.

The person who filmed it described it as being brighter than any aircraft. He states that he initially observed the orb shooting upwards towards the clouds quickly – this prompted him to grab his phone and start recording to see if the object would appear again, which it did. The UFO does seem to remain mostly stationary in the video below though.

There certainly seems no way this can be an everyday object – larger and brighter than a drone, perfectly spherical and highly illuminated, it is not consistent with any type of mundane craft we see on a day to day basis.

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