UFO Picked Up By Police Helicopter Near Bristol, England (2016)

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A highly unusual incident took place over the Bristol Channel in England on September 17th 2016.

An area that is known for its frequent UFO-activity, western Britain (primarily the city of Bristol and its neighboring towns) seems to have experienced wave upon wave of encounters in recent years, with one of the more credible sightings coming to us by way of a police helicopter flying over the thin stretch of water between England and Wales at the time.

Thermal Imagining Anomaly

The helicopter, cruising at low altitude at around 9:30pm on September 17th, picked up an unknown object flying at around 1000 feet above sea level. The UFO could not be seen with the naked eye – instead, it was captured by the on board thermal camera.

The police officers had no idea what to make of the object. They did note that it was difficult to judge the size of it, but that did not stop them tracking it for just over seven minutes. As none of the crew knew what they had come into contact with, they Tweeted about the incident, posting “Any suggestions?” on the social media site after uploading the mysterious footage. Several users responded with theories such as a balloon or Chinese lantern, but both were dismissed by the officers because of the movement, speed and heat emanating from the object.

The craft itself was said to be flying against the wind and interestingly was undetected by air traffic control on the ground. The sighting is believed to have occurred just a mile from where a woman in February 2016 photographed a UFO in broad daylight.

Indeed the entire area appears to be a UFO hot spot, with the Chairman of the Cornwall Research Group David Gillham stating that new technology such as thermal imaging is allowing them to pick up more unknown objects than ever before. He went on to say that hundreds occur in the region every year: “The theory is they (UFOs) are all around all the time but we can’t see them. Infrared and thermal cameras allow us to see things that are working in a different light sphere.

“More people are posting their sightings on Facebook these days and there are a hell of lot on there.”

Below is the footage from the police helicopter which shows a black, spherical object dead center of the camera’s crosshairs. As of yet, no explanation of the object has been documented.

What is perhaps most interesting about this story is the confirmation that we are developing new imaging techniques that will no doubt allow us to pick up many more UFOs such as this in the future. The transparency of the police officers and helicopter crew regarding the case is also noteworthy – and refreshing.

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