UFO Has Near Miss With Passenger Jet Over London, England (July 2nd 2017)

This jetliner flew past the orb UFO next to it, only narrowly dodging it

A phenomenal sighting just been brought to our attention – one that involves an aircraft and a UFO almost involved in a mid-air collision.

Filmed on July 2nd at 11:43am, the below footage shows a spherical UFO in the air over Shoreditch in London’s East End. It seems to be giving off light and possibly rotating. Within seconds, it is passed by a passenger jet that appears to avoid contact with the UFO by the narrowest of margins. Following the incident, the orb flies skyward and seemingly out of sight.

This video appears to be 100% genuine and unedited, and is without a doubt one of the most exciting UFO encounters we’ve seen in a while.

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