UFO Blinks In Response To Laser Beam Over Louisville, Kentucky (July 28th 2017)

This object was joined by another above it

An unusual occurrence took place over Louisville, Kentucky recently, where a man and his son witnessed two UFOs hovering in the night sky. The footage below shows two objects, one smaller and at a high altitude, with the other appearing lower and brighter. At one point in the video, the man decides to shine a green laser pointer at the lower object, which seems to react by briefly blinking, or reflecting the green light back at him.

The surprise is clearly audible, and the man filming indicates that what what he is witnessing is no aircraft. The objects appear to remain relatively still throughout the video, ascending only very gradually over time. The UFOs sport the routine orb shape we see often, which is easily visible once the man zooms in on the lower object. He describes it as a sphere, which is consistent with the many sightings we have reported on recently.

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