UFO Appears Nightly Over Queens, New York (August 1st 2017)

This UFO is observed almost every morning over Queens

A YouTuber has uploaded a clip of a UFO that he claims he observes almost every night/morning – a glowing round orb, that in this particular instance was filmed at around 5am in the New York City borough of Queens.

The orb is larger than any star or drone could be, and appears more or less stationary. It is predominantly white in color, though the person filming remarks that it does appear to change color at intervals. However, these changes are too subtle to be picked up by his equipment. It seems to be perfectly spherical, much like many of our sightings as of late.

He goes on to state that he will continue recording the object in the future to monitor any changes in its appearance or behavior. We will certainly post any interesting updates to this daily sighting if and when we hear of them.

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