Two UFOs Seen Separating Over Slovenia (July 31st 2017)

These two objects were seen over Celje in Slovenia recently

A pair of bright orbs were spotted over the town of Celje in eastern Slovenia on July 31st.

Recorded at 4:50am, the two objects appear as perfect spheres as they slowly separate in mid-air – with one object remaining stationary while the other flies out of sight.

The UFOs seem to be an off-white color with an orange hue, which is quite consistent with the other orb-like UFOs we have observed in previous weeks.

This particular sighting is nice and clear, leaving no doubt that we are witnessing highly unusual objects in the footage below. In some of the more blurry videos, it may appear that we could possibly be looking at mundane objects, but there is no doubt that these two objects are not your everyday drones, balloons, or lanterns. They seem intelligently controlled, and some have suggested they may be part of some type of ongoing monitoring system with regards to Earth and its people.

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