Two UFOs Seen Flying Together Over Worcester, Massachusetts (July 29th 2017)

These two objects traveled together for quite some time

A pair of white UFOs was seen flying over Worcester MA on July 29th, traveling slowly as they make their way across the horizon. The below footage shows two elongated objects that casually float across the sky.

The UFOs do not seem to resemble military aircraft, and as noted by the person filming, are too far apart to be in any type of formation. He also states that they make no sound, and are clearly not leaving any type of contrail to otherwise suggest everyday aircraft. He goes on to say that aircraft traveling that slowly should ordinarily fall out of the sky, which may well be true. The objects would also seem to be too large and flying at too high an altitude to be drones.

Their shape is fairly interesting – orbs are typical in day-to-day sightings, only occasionally replaced by cigar-shaped objects, of which this sighting depicts two. The person filming notes in the video description that he is stumped, and quite frankly, we are too. If these are extraterrestrial craft, they are certainly fairly brazen in their actions.

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