Two UFOs Cross Paths Over The Popocatépetl Volcano (May 22nd 2017)

Shocking Popocatépetl UFOs closing in on one another

This astonishing footage comes to us from an astute observer of the Popocatépetl Volcano in southern Mexico.

In it, we can clearly observe two UFOs, one smaller (on the left) and another much larger and brighter one closing in from the right. Eventually they cross paths and head off in opposing directions.

This sighting occurred on May 22nd at 10:39pm and is one of the most fascinating sightings we’ve come across from the UFO hot spot volcano recently. We don’t recommend that users keep an eye out for unusual activity on the Popocatépetl cams for nothing!

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  1. It is really amazing these Mexican vulcanos. Year after year there are ufo’s flying around there.

    This should be on the frontpage of every newspaper.

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