Two UFOs Appear At Summer Solstice Over Stonehenge, England (June 21st 2017)

These two fiery UFOs appeared over Stonehenge recently

A shocking sighting occurred at Stonehenge, England on June 21st, the longest day of the year, also known as the summer solstice where revelers have traditionally gathered to celebrate the event. Stonehenge itself has long been associated with this particular day of the year, as it is believed that the rock formation played a role in the ritualistic traditions practiced by druids of old, with Stonehenge functioning as a celestial calendar of sorts.

It should also be noted that the area is renowned for UFO sightings, with hundreds of reports having been made over the last few decades.

In the video below, we can clearly observe one, then two fireballs in the sky just above the horizon near Stonehenge. The objects are not aircraft and too large and bright to be drones. Nor are they believed to be flares, as the UFOs remained visible for 15 minutes according to the witness testimony – far beyond the 1-2 minute maximum for flares. Those observing the objects can be heard discussing the sighting in the footage, with their surprise clearly audible in the background.

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