Two Police Officers Involved In Air-to-Air Contact With UFO (1993)

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Two police officers in Jefferson County, Kentucky, were involved in a highly unusual UFO incident during a helicopter patrol on February 27th 1993.

The Encounter

The story begins on a cold Friday evening. The two officers had climbed into their helicopter and been on patrol for several hours before receiving a call to respond to a suspected break-in shortly before midnight. They were cruising at almost 100 mph when suddenly they were encircled by a bright light. Pear-shaped and roughly the size of a basketball, the object ran rings around the helicopter, displaying its clearly superior speed.

The unknown craft hovered behind the helicopter for a moment, forcing the officers to speed up to avoid the UFO ramming their tail rotor. But instead, it ascended sharply above them, climbing hundreds of feet in the blink of an eye.

At one point, the UFO faced the officers head-on in mid-air. Just as they appeared to be on a collision course with one other, the UFO suddenly deployed three baseball-sized fireballs towards the helicopter, which dispersed and fizzled out before making contact.

Shortly thereafter, the object shot past them and eventually faded from view. All in all, the encounter lasted barely two minutes.

Initially the officers had suspected some bonfire sparks or embers had ascended into the sky as a number of fires had been lit across the nearby towns that evening. But upon shining a powerful flashlight at the object it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary sight.


The two officers, Kenny Graham and Kenny Downs, have not spoken on the incident all that much since for fear of ridicule, although the story was corroborated by two additional officers on the ground who said that they too had witnessed the object. Officer Mike Smith had watched the encounter from his police car and verified what the others had spoken of.

Though the UFO had not been picked up by local radar, it seems unlikely that all police officers involved had been hallucinating or otherwise been mistaken with regards to what they had seen. Kenny Graham, an experienced pilot, had 11 years of police work under his belt and would also have been intimately familiar with the everyday aircraft of the time.

Experienced by hard-working, church-going officials, the story seems credible, despite the fact that no further witnesses on the ground called in to report the object. Described as “solid guys” by their lieutenant, Kenny Downs and Kenny Graham maintain what they saw was of unknown origin.

To this day, the sighting by the Jefferson County officers goes down as one of the more substantial cases in the UFO history books – after all, it is not everyday we hear of a story that is independently verified by multiple officials in varying locations.

The case is also a rare one as it unusual for a UFO to engage with humans directly, much less shoot out “fireballs” that appeared to vaporize before doing any type of damage.

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  1. “Experienced by hard-working, church-going officials, the story seems credible, despite the fact that no further witnesses on the ground called in to report the object.”

    I can’t see how ‘church-going’ makes the story credible? Inmho it makes it less credible…

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