The Westall, Melbourne Incident (1966)

The Westall UFO sighting was an event that shook south-east Australia back in the 1960s, primarily because the incident is one of the earliest recorded mass sightings involving large numbers of children.

At the time, the UFO phenomenon was not particularly prominent in the minds of the people, as Australia had, up until then, remained relatively sheltered from the more famous UFO sightings in decades past. Being geographically more isolated meant that the nation was not particularly well-connected to the rest of the world and as such had fairly minimal involvement with extraterrestrials up until the Westall, Melbourne sighting in 1966.

The Sighting

The morning of Wednesday, April 6th 1966 had started out much like any other, but that would soon change for as a group of children and a teacher were just completing a sports activity on a field adjacent to the school, a gray, saucer-shaped object was observed descending into another nearby field.

The object was reported to have given off a faint purple hue and was estimated to be about double the size of a car. The unknown craft was believed to have remained in the field for approximately 20 minutes, during which time more and more witnesses had gathered at a safe distance, watching it from afar. The UFO then ascended and took off in a north-westerly direction, with some witnesses stating that it appeared to have been joined by five other unknown objects which circled the first as it rose into the air and ultimately faded from view.

The location of the sighting meant that it was visible to two different schools (both a primary and a secondary school) in the Westall area, with witnesses numbering over 200, many of whom were children of all ages.

Once the UFO disappeared from view, some children went over to examine the area where the object had been sitting. The ground underneath appeared to be flattened and almost burned, with visible impact marks on the surface of the field.

The sighting was confirmed by science teacher Andrew Greenwood, who, following the sighting, gave his account of the events to the Dandenong Journal, a local newspaper.

The Aftermath

The identity of the object in question was never confirmed and with so many witnesses corroborating one another (even many years later) it appears that this was a genuine UFO encounter, one that cannot be easily explained by any ordinary circumstances.

Many of the former witnesses, who were children attending the school at the time, have given their views on the sighting in the video below. While there is some discrepancy among them as to some of the more intricate details of the object, the overall consensus seems to be that the schools in Melbourne, Victoria (south-east Australia) were indeed visited by at least one unknown craft that day.

One former student describes a strong element of trauma for some of the children, with one girl returning to school but never being quite the same afterwards. Her friend states that she never fully recovered and was ultimately whisked away in an ambulance, with that being the last she ever saw of her.

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