The Roswell UFO Crash (1947)

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The sleepy town of Roswell, New Mexico, USA had its fair share of UFO sightings in the years following WWII, but what happened in the summer of 1947 would eventually shock the entire world over the course of many years to come.

During the first week of July that year, a rancher by the name of W.W. Brazel had taken a ride on horseback to one of the more remote sections of his property. A violent thunderstorm had just passed through the area and the rancher was eager to ensure his flock of sheep had made it through unscathed.

Upon riding through the area, Brazel noticed a significant amount of what appeared to be metal debris scattered around at random. Upon finding more and more material, he gathered it up and eventually consulted a neighbor who told him he may have a crashed flying saucer on his hands. The area, had, after all, been a UFO hot spot in the time leading up to this event.

Brazel reported the incident to local authorities. Upon joining him at the scene, an investigator found components that were believed to be from an unknown craft, some almost weightless. He also discovered a material that, while as thin as tinfoil, was reportedly indestructible. In addition, a crash site was clearly evident, with the trajectory of the object and the marks it left on the ground plainly visible for all to see.

Alien Carcasses?

Shortly thereafter, a young mortician in the area started receiving calls from the RAAF morgue, requesting information on how to preserve bodies that had been exposed to the elements and how to obtain small, hermetically sealed coffins.

Following the calls, the mortician, Glenn Dennis, traveled to the base hospital where he observed unusual metallic wreckage in the back of a military ambulance. Forced to leave and ushered out of the hospital unceremoniously, Dennis met up with a nurse associated with the case the next day. She described strange bodies and sketched them out on a piece of paper for Dennis. Following this incident, the nurse was transferred to England with her whereabouts still unknown.

With the curiosity surrounding the case, the military issued a statement that a crashed disc had been recovered. But with the volume of attention this garnered from around the world, the story quickly changed to that of the remnants of a hot air balloon having been found.

That leaves us with the question “why change the story?” If alien wreckage really was found (and many believe the evidence in favor of that is overwhelming) why not share it with the world? What could be so Earth-shattering that warrants this degree of secrecy?

To this day, Roswell remains famous for the incident. The town even features a UFO museum in honor of the event that changed it forever.

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  1. Why have a museum dedicated to Roswell if supposedly “nothing happened” according to the government? Doesn’t make sense

  2. Indeed if nothing happened why did this happen?

    Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.

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