The Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980)

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The Rendlesham Forest incident encompasses the events that occurred over two days in December 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, located in Suffolk, England.

At the time, the British Royal Air Force base in the vicinity was in use by the United States Air Force. According to the report received and signed off on by Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt, a patrol stationed at the east gate of the air force base noticed lights descending into adjoining Rendlesham Forest. This occurred on December 26th at approximately 3am. The servicemen decided to investigate, suspecting a downed aircraft, but what they came into contact with shocked them.

Through the trees, they noticed a glowing object, metallic in appearance, featuring a multitude of colored lights. As the men approached, the object backed away from them, dodging trees with ease and causing the animals on a nearby farm to become wild and disruptive. One of the men would later state that he had encountered a craft of unknown origin.

At daybreak, the servicemen went back to the scene and police were called to investigate the area. They found broken branches and what appeared to be burn- or scorch marks in the ground. It is speculated that these marks, a set of three that formed a triangular pattern, could have been the aftermath of a type of take-off or landing undertaken by the craft.

However, despite the thorough examination of the area, it was concluded that nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Supposedly (but unconvincingly), the imprints left in the ground could have been made by an animal.

A Second Incident

Two days later, on December 28th, Colonel Halt visited the scene with several servicemen, using an instrument to record any radiation given off by the marks in the ground. It was at this time that all involved witnessed a bright flashing light in the sky toward the east, in an almost identical recreation of the events on December 26th. Shortly after, a set of three lights were observed in the sky, with one beaming a ray of light down to Earth every so often, according to Halt’s memo.

Skeptics and would-be debunkers have attempted to explain away the lights by stating that the nearby lighthouse could have given off one of the chief sources of light. The remaining lights have been explained away as mere stars. But surely it is an absurd conclusion to think that trained and experienced military personnel are not able to differentiate between mundane light sources and those of unexplained, possibly extraterrestrial origin?

In the years since, the event has been largely glossed over or discounted almost entirely, not gaining nearly the recognition it deserves. After all, it is not every day we receive a credible UFO story from those who are unlikely to fabricate or misinterpret what they see and hear.

In the footage below, Colonel Charles Halt discloses some new information pertaining to the incident.

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