The Popocatépetl Volcano And Its Amazing UFO Activity

One of the more recent Popocatépetl eruptions, on July 2nd 2017

As one of the most frequently-discussed volcanoes in Ufology, Popocatépetl, Mexico’s second highest peak, is highly active and has been the scene of some of the most unusual UFO-related activity in recent times. This particular volcano, spread over two southern Mexican states (Puebla and Morelos) erupts frequently, and it seems that almost every time it has done so over the past few years, there is some type of unexplained aerial object in the vicinity.

The 2012 Incident

On October 26th 2016, Popocatépetl began billowing smoke as it often does, and shortly thereafter, a massive cigar-shaped object, seemingly white in color and believed to be up to a staggering 0.6 miles in length, was seen diving directly into the mouth of the volcano:

And its accompanying video:

To date, there has been no feasible explanation for this highly unusual object, that appears cylindrical and is clearly of substantial size. There were no discernible ramifications of this UFO flying into the volcano, nor was it seen re-emerging from it. Experts have not been able to agree on the nature of the object, and so what it is comprised of and what we’re actually witnessing in the above footage is up for debate.

Had this been an isolated incident, the volcano and object would likely not have received all that much attention within UFO circles, but the world surely did not expect to see a very similar situation unfold a mere four months later.

The Object Returns In 2013

On February 21st 2013, Popocatépetl began to stir again, and once more, a huge, elongated UFO, closely resembling the one above, was spotted flying over the top of it:

This object was comparable in size and shape, and was picked up on by south American TV stations:

As in the first sighting, people were left dumbfounded. This object does not appear to resemble any type of terrestrial aircraft. Even if it were man-made, it would dangerous and unwise to fly over a volcano that is in the early stages of eruption, and we doubt any responsible company or agency would do such a thing.

Recent Events

In the years since, there has been a steady stream of UFO activity associated with the volcano, and it does not appear to be letting up any time soon. In May 2017, we featured a sighting involving two UFOs crossing paths over Popocatépetl, and now yet another sighting has occurred involving an object traveling at high speed during its most recent eruption on July 2nd 2017.

These images show the object and its trajectory as it is a little difficult to spot in the video footage (also supplied underneath):

This object is seen very briefly at 0:20 in the below video
And again a split second later

This particular object was initially tricky to observe due to its size and speed (the latter being very high indeed), and would probably go unnoticed by the casual observer. But as always, Popocatépetl delivers, and will no doubt continue to do in the future.

What the exact relationship is between UFOs and volcanoes is unknown, but the fact that they seem connected (especially in the case of active volcanoes) seems indisputable. As to precisely why this volcano in particular in such a UFO hot spot is equally unclear. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor this fascinating geographic specimen in light of its UFO activity and report on any unusual developments over time.

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