The George W. Bush UFO Encounters

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As the 43rd President of the United States, it is said that George W. Bush had his own UFO encounters while in office, unbeknownst to much of the public.

It is speculated that on at least three separate occasions, Dubya had run-ins with objects of unknown origin.

First Events

The first recorded incident we have of Bush’s interaction with UFOs dates back to November 20th 2003. On this particular day, radars from both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) picked up an unknown target within restricted White House airspace. This occurred early in the day at approximately 9am. At the time, preparations were made to evacuate the White House and NORAD quickly scrambled two fighter jets to investigate. Nothing was found.

In 2005, a similar situation occurred. On April 27th that year, an unknown object was tracked on radar 20 miles south of Washington’s Reagan National Airport. This time, George W. Bush was evacuated to an underground bunker while Vice President Dick Cheney was escorted to a secure location elsewhere. Three helicopters were sent to investigate the area the UFO had blipped across, but again, nothing was found. The object then disappeared from radar, only to reappear again a short time afterwards.

The Texas Incident

On January 8th 2006, a more unsettling encounter took place. Several residents of the small towns Dublin and Stephenville, both in Texas, observed an object flying at low altitude and high speed, headed straight for Bush Junior’s Crawford ranch. Over a dozen witnesses, including an airline pilot, spotted the object that was estimated to be 1000 feet in length. It was said to have flown silently and lit up brilliantly as it traveled. The local towns were shaken by the event, with some residents commenting that they had observed Air Force jets in hot pursuit of the UFO.

Local radar later confirmed the witness testimonies – there had indeed been an unknown object in the vicinity. As the UFO neared the Crawford ranch at around 8pm, it went off-radar approximately 10 miles before reaching it, or so we are made to believe. That was the last known record of the object.

There has since been speculation that the UFO was in fact a military jet, but if that were the case, would it have alarmed the residents of rural Texas to such a degree? In addition, any craft that is pushing 1000 feet in length would have to be a very unusual one and certainly not an everyday airliner or fighter jet. Otherwise, the pilot that witnessed the object in question would surely have been familiar with it.

It is perhaps important to note that these three incidents are merely those which have been documented. There are no doubt others, as UFOs seem to be inextricably linked to those who hold high-ranking positions, with U.S. Presidents seemingly an attractive target for these objects.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the Presidents themselves are aware of these UFOs and perhaps even in contact with those controlling them. There may also be an element of information-sharing between their worlds and ours. It is also possible that we are merely observing new technology that is being developed, but with objects displaying such alarming characteristics, such as the one above documented in Texas, we can’t help but feel it is unlikely.

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