The Carteret NJ / Staten Island NY UFO Invasion (2001)

News footage of the mass-UFO sighting

One of the most significant and intriguing UFO sightings to have occurred in the early 21st century took place on the evening of July 14th 2001, with the town of Carteret, New Jersey and Staten Island, New York enjoying the lion’s share of attention at the time.

What makes the sighting so interesting is the sheer magnitude of it – UFOs were witnessed by hundreds of people including those in respected positions all along the Hudson river. The objects appeared to adhere to a loose v-shaped formation all throughout the evening.

Location of Carteret, NJ

Timeline Of Events

The incident kicked off at around 9:45pm on July 14th 2001, when a pilot flying over nearby Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, reported seeing a UFO mid-flight.

Approximately an hour later, local FAA radars picked traces of large, unidentified objects without transponders.

At 11:30pm, a man by the name of John Predovan reported seeing a UFO from the ground in Fort Lee, New Jersey – he would later claim to have experienced “missing time” as a result of the sighting.

By 12:15am, numerous witnesses observed the objects on either side of the dividing state line – both in Staten Island, New York and in Carteret, New Jersey. Within minutes, 911 operators were inundated with dozens of calls regarding the UFOs.

At 12:50am, the UFOs that were previously picked up on FAA radar were no longer visible, effectively signaling the end of the sighting.


The following morning, multiple TV- and radio stations, as well as local newspapers, reported on the incident.

By 9am on July 15th, the FAA issued a statement implying there was “no unusual activity” in the area at the time.

How the FAA could dismiss such an obvious sighting with hundreds of witnesses in what is essentially greater New York City is truly mind-boggling – after all, the objects were picked up on radar, filmed, and confirmed by countless individuals.

The news story below is particularly convincing, with the UFOs clearly visible in the footage.

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