The Carson Sink UFO Incident (1952)

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The Carson Sink incident took place above the area of the same name, located in western Nevada, on July 24, 1952. The event occurred when two Colonels requested the use of a B-52 bomber for a trip to Colorado from the Hamilton Field base, just north of San Francisco, California.

The Sighting

As the servicemen were en route, flying at around 11,000ft altitude, they encountered three objects suddenly making a left bank and moving at tremendously high speed. The objects flew to within approximately 500 yards of their B-52. Their speed was estimated by the pilots to be at least three times that of the F-86 Sabre. With that aircraft boasting a top speed well over 500mph, the unknown objects were surely pushing 1500mph or more.

The sighting itself lasted mere seconds before the objects sped away and out of view, but was significant enough for the officers to report the incident to the Air Defense Command HQ as soon as they touched down in Colorado Springs. They were then informed that no aircraft, civilian or military, had been present in Carson Sink at the time.

When questioned as to whether they had possibly witnessed F-86 jets or other aircraft known to the military, the men adamantly denied it. Indeed, they would have had intimate knowledge of such aircraft and would surely had known what they were observing had that been the case. The speed of the UFOs put them out of the realm of anything that could have been produced by the military, government or any other agency at the time.

The events were reported to Edward J. Ruppelt, an Air Force captain at the time. Ruppert went on to write a book entitled The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects. In it, he described this particular case as a strong one with no mundane explanation.

It is interesting to note that this incident occurred at roughly the same as the Washington DC invasion of 1952. It appears as though many of the more well-known UFO sightings happened around the same time, but in varying locations. These clusters of sightings would appear to give the incidents an added measure of credibility, as independent experiences that corroborate one another tend to.

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