Stunning UFO Formation Changes Shape Over São Paulo, Brazil (August 3rd 2017)

These objects resembled orange orbs

Excellent footage from South America has just been posted to YouTube – this time showing a spectacular UFO formation over the Ferraz de Vasconcelos district of São Paulo, Brazil.

This particular sighting bears striking similarities to those recently recorded in both New York and Oklahoma.

This latest sighting is unique though – appearing initially as a triangular set of orange orbs, the UFO forming the top of the triangle disappears briefly at one point, only to reappear between the two lower objects, creating a straight line. Later on, the UFO on the far right disappears, then materializes on the left side of the formation. Rarely do we see a UFO formation change shape in this way.

The objects hover for quite some time, and seem to pulsate with light. All in all, a truly miraculous sighting.

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