Stunning Footage Of 2 UFOs Crossing Paths Over Romania (August 4th 2017)

The image shows an orb accompanied by an elongated UFO

A truly surprising video has just been recorded over the central Romanian city of Alba Iulia, where an orb recently hovered in the sky and was passed by a huge, cigar-shaped UFO overhead.

What at first appears to be a shooting star or meteor (due to what may initially resemble a “tail”) is actually an elongated UFO shooting past the stationary orb that remains in the air but disappears later on in the video. Both objects appear white or off-white with a peach-colored hue, most likely because of the reflection of light from the setting sun.

It is truly rare for two UFOs of vastly different appearance to show up as part of the same sighting. We often see orbs, very occasionally a cigar-shaped object, but almost never the two together in the same recording. There is as of this writing no straightforward explanation for the two objects observed in the video below. A truly sensational sighting!

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