Spectacular UFO Formation Over Mauritius (July 1st 2017)

This string of lights was observed over Mauritius in early July

A fairly unique sighting has just been brought to our attention, one that occurred in the small island nation of Mauritius on July 1st.

An older gentleman was vacationing on the island when he witnessed and filmed a set of unusual glowing orbs from the beach. They appeared to change color from white to red, and did so in unison. They also seemed to be joined by a single orb some distance away.

This sighting is significant in that Mauritius, being a small, isolated island off the coast of Madagascar, is unlikely to be home to any type of modern technology that could produce such a unique set of lights in the sky, so objects such as drones can be ruled out almost immediately. The lights do begin to fade about mid-way through the video, marking the end of the sighting.

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