Spectacular Fast UFOs In Formation Over Bristol, England – Again (May 23rd 2017)

String of 3 UFOs moving over Bristol

A string of three UFOs has been observed moving in a strict formation and a relatively high speed across the skies over the city of Bristol in England. The video was recorded at around 9:30pm on May 23rd 2017. The objects appear to twinkle and give off different forms of light.

This story was originally run by the Daily Mail newspaper in England (link) – but today we bring you a different view of what may either be the same sighting, or a later one. The lights are in such a tight formation and moving at such a speed that drones and (Chinese) balloons are highly unlikely. So while the first sighting run by the newspaper only garnered a lukewarm response from the public, this new and unique view goes a long way towards proving the sighting is a genuine one.

At the time of publishing, this new UFO video has only been watched a few dozen times. This new and exciting scoop can be viewed below.

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