Shocking UFO Invasion Of Brownsville, Texas (July 15th 2017)

A total of 11 objects were seen over Brownsville, Texas

This amazing sighting comes to us from the US/Mexico border, where a total of 11 orb UFOs were spotted over Brownsville, Texas recently.

The lights are a startling phenomenon in an otherwise unremarkable sky. The majority of objects appear to adopt multiple triangular formations, while some appear as isolated orbs. Their color seems to remain a fairly uniform shade of white, and their shape would appear to be more or less spherical although it is difficult to say definitively.

From what we can observe, the lights pop up out of nowhere and travel slowly across the night sky. The strict formation seems to suggest they are intelligently controlled, but yet are not consistent with drones, aircraft or lanterns/balloons. It is also exceedingly rare to see so many UFOs in a single sighting.

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  1. Day after day we see these strange things and the world carries on as if they did not exist.

    We are not blind, these recordings are real, the object are real and in most cases they are not drones, balloons or reflections in the sky.

    It’s about time people start asking some real questions.

    Great sigthing.

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