Rotating UFO Spotted Over Durango, Mexico (August 3rd 2017)

This peculiar object was seen over Durango recently

A dark, blinking UFO appeared over the skies of Durango, Mexico recently. Seemingly rotating in place as it travels, it seems to phase in and out as well. A UFO that is strikingly similar was observed over Texas the very same day, making us wonder if we’re looking at the same object. It would certainly be conceivable, since Durango is a relatively straightforward south-west journey from the Lone Star State.

This particular object seems to be either black or silver/metallic in color, and appears to reflect some light. A zoom-in reveals an orb-shaped object with no discernible moving parts.

UFOs such as this were seen quite frequently over the course of July in England, but now appear to have made the trip over the Atlantic.

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