Mysterious Flashing Green UFOs Observed Across the US On National Holiday (July 4th 2017)

Objects such as these have been spotted all across the United States lately

The United States may have taken a break to celebrate the fourth of July, but a number of highly unusual objects were out in full force that day, only this time, things were a little different. Instead of an isolated sighting here and there, we picked up on a fairly alarming nationwide phenomenon that was observed in a number of states – namely blinking green UFOs.

Below are just two videos, the first from Texas and the second from New Jersey, both displaying an almost identical type of UFO, and both filmed during the night of America’s national holiday. It is likely that other states also witnessed objects such as these last night – especially given the fact that a very similar UFO was picked up in Ohio on July 3rd.

Both videos depict a blinking object that appears to give off a bold green color at intervals. The Texas object does appear to give off a red light as well, in much the same way as the Ohio sighting referenced above. A true nationwide anomaly!

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