Multiple White UFOs Filmed By Drone Over Manchester Park, England (July 8th 2017)

One of the unusual white objects filmed over Manchester

A drone flown over Heaton Park in Manchester, England picked up some small but highly unusual white objects that cannot be readily explained, darting around at high speed on July 8th.

A total of 4-5 UFOs are seen zooming past the drone in the below footage, which hovers relatively still as it picks up the unknown objects. The UFOs themselves seem to differ in shape – one or two resemble orbs, while the others are more irregular in appearance. What is clear is that they are traveling at high speed, and the footage is slowed down accordingly (to 1/8th normal speed) in order to obtain a better look at the strange white objects.

This particular sighting is remarkable in terms of how small these objects are. We may be accustomed to thinking of UFOs as fairly large and possibly harboring occupants, but why shouldn’t it be possible for UFOs to be this small? After all, with nanotechnology, microchips and transistors, we are able to work with technology that takes up increasingly less physical space. That being the case, it is entirely possible that more advanced (and possibly alien) technology could fit into something as small as the objects seen in this video.

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