Just A Cloud? Well, Maybe Not

A suspicious "cloud" as seen in a recent UFO sighting featured on AllUFOs.com

In general, it is safe to say that when we observe UFOs (or merely envision them) we tend to think in terms of objects or unusual aircraft that may be discernible in our skies. After all, the prototype UFO is often considered to be a metallic silver disk of sorts, or else an elongated, cigar-shaped object. Orbs are also very common in day-to-day sightings these days. But one aspect of Ufology that is overlooked all too often is the notion that UFOs may be disguising themselves in order to obtain a closer look at Earth without giving themselves away. This seems to be particularly evident when we take a closer look at meteorological phenomena, clouds in particular.

Suspect Skies

If there is any merit to the theory that UFOs disguise themselves as everyday objects we observe in the sky, then it is fairly obvious that their object of choice is clouds.

Take for instance this video frame from a sighting that took place over Graz, Austria, on June 30th 2017:

This image depicts two orbs to the left and a suspicious, almost saucer-shaped cloud

In this frame, we can clearly see two orb-like UFOs accompanied by what appears to be a large cloud – one that resembles a saucer-shaped object, in other words, the classic UFO we have all come to know and recognize.

Now were this an isolated incident then it would be tempting to disregard it as anything significant, but the fact is, we have observed suspicious clouds such as this in countless other UFO sightings.

Clouds such as the above have been observed in all parts of the world. These two photos were recently taken in the Netherlands, in the vicinity of Amsterdam:

Again, the classic saucer-shaped clouds are easy to see, and seem a little too perfect in terms of shape to be naturally occurring. It should be noted that such clouds are often observed in the absence of other, more typical UFOs nearby, but the fact remains that they do also appear together in a sizable percentage of cases.

The following photo is a video freeze frame from an older (but truly spectacular) sighting that took place in Chile, in August 2014:

And its accompanying video:

The video appears to show the bright red orb from the photo above being ejected from the unusual cloud and then darting away at a fast pace. To state that the cloud(s) in the video have no connection to the red UFO whatsoever would be a stretch for just about anyone.

So What Are They?

Over the years we have heard countless theories pertaining to clouds that resemble UFOs. One prevailing idea is that they are alien motherships that have disguised themselves and harbor smaller UFOs inside them. This idea came about for two reasons – one being that the UFO-clouds themselves are usually very large, and the fact that smaller UFOs (mostly orbs) are frequently visible in the sky near them.

While this may sound far-fetched it is not totally inconceivable. After all, the strong link between such clouds and UFO sightings is undeniable, and given the fact that UFOs display such superior technology, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they are able to mask, cloak or disguise themselves at will. After all, we have already witnessed them appear out of nowhere and dematerialize in much the same way in countless sightings over the years. And if they have mastered intergalactic or dimensional travel, why would something as comparatively simple as disguise be off the table?

Ultimately, we may never know who or what is behind these mysterious clouds, and as always, they may be nothing of interest, but given the evidence it seems unlikely. The truth is, we could in all likelihood fill the entire website with photos and videos that show the same cloud/UFO connection and have enough material to last the rest of our lives – that’s how prominent this phenomenon is. So do keep an eye out the next time you’re looking up at the clouds – they may not be what they seem.

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