John Edmonds And His Fight With The Grays

John Edmonds at his ranch in Arizona

John Edmonds, a rancher from Arizona, claims to have been involved in numerous altercations with gray aliens on his very own property in Rainbow Valley, south-west of Phoenix, over the years. In 2015, Edmonds spoke with Project Camelot, an organization geared towards getting the word out on (among other subjects) extraterrestrial life, about his struggle with these otherworldly beings.

Edmonds says that his ranch has been infiltrated by grays and that he has dealt with them on multiple occasions. He claims that the beings are primarily interested in his animals, and that they attack and injure his livestock on a regular basis. Edmonds says that he has retaliated and attacked the grays with a Samurai sword he owns, and claims to have killed eight aliens in total. Apparently, the beings disintegrate when killed, making it difficult to verify his story. He did, however, manage to preserve some of the bodily fluids from the grays he has dispatched, and has since had the samples analyzed. The results indicated fluids that are not of this world.

The following interview details some of the highlights of Edmonds’ talk with Project Camelot. The interview itself lasted two and a half hours, but has been condensed to a little over half an hour in the video below.

Soon after the interview above, an update was posted on the Project Camelot website, which included photographs purportedly taken on Edmonds’ ranch. They appear to show gray aliens on his property. The pictures, while a little blurry, are said to be genuine.

This third photograph appears to show a UFO hovering over his ranch.

A short time later, Edmonds was being interviewed via Skype, when a curious incident unfolded – during the slowed-down footage available below, a strange being, presumably a gray alien, is seen peeking around the corner.

Captivated by John Edmonds’ story, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot decided to travel to Arizona to visit him on his ranch. During her stay, the following cloud-like UFO was observed over the property.

All in all, a fascinating tale of vortexes, maimed animals, alien-slaying and more – all relayed in a full interview conducted between Cassidy and Edmonds in the interview below.

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  1. Although it seems hard to believe, it looks convincing.

    What are the chances of that Project Camelot crew filming an ufo?

    There is something going on there.

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