Huge Pulsating UFO Seen Over San Diego (August 2nd 2017)

This large round sphere was seen over San Diego recently

A massive, pulsing UFO was seen over the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego, California on August 2nd. Recorded at 5:30am local time, the object appears as a solid white orb, but things really get interesting once the person filming zooms in. It is at that stage that we get a closer look at the UFO, which appears to have a center core along with an outer ring, giving off light as it pulsates.

This particular sighting is fascinating in that we rarely get to see an orb up close, either due to inadequate recording equipment or an inability to properly focus on the object in question. In this instance, while a sharp focus is lacking, we are at least able to see the object in relative detail due to the level of zoom. The light emitted by the object seems to change from white to off-white, with brief flashes of red and green emanating from the center outwards.

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