Huge Blinking White Orb UFO Filmed Over Two Days In The Algarve, Portugal (July 12th/13th 2017)

This orb was seen over the course of two consecutive days in Portugal

An enormous white UFO has been spotted hovering in the sky and blinking at random over the Algarve in southern Portugal on both July 12th and 13th.

The object appears as a spherical glowing light source which has yet to be identified, but it does not resemble any type of Earthly object we know of. The way it blinks and fades from view in certain instances is highly suggestive of advanced cloaking or phasing technology. Certainly it does not appear to be a drone, balloon, or aircraft/helicopter.

The sighting would be unique enough had it occurred once, but for the very same UFO to surface in the same spot the very next day is truly unusual. As the uploader wisely states, “look to the skies not on your smartphones.”

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