Have You Encountered A Black-Eyed Kid?

How a black-eyed kid often appears

One of the more unsettling aspects of alien encounters revolves around the phenomenon of so-called black-eyed kids. For those not familiar with the term, a black-eyed kid is exactly that – a child, often appearing to be between the ages of 9 and 15, with jet black eyes – no iris or ordinary pupil, just a dark void encompassing the entire eye structure.

Often relegated to urban legend, there are nonetheless a significant number of people who claim to have encountered these mysterious beings.

Defining Characteristics

In addition to possessing black eyes, these entities almost always give off a deeply disturbing vibe – most people who encounter them often feel unsettled or instinctively afraid. Most interactions with black-eyed kids occur in everyday situations. A person could be sitting on a bus and notice a strange child across from them, or be in their car in a parking lot, or even at home when they receive a knock at the door.

The most common element to a black-eyed kid encounter is the fact that many of these children have a strong desire to be “let in” – ordinarily this would be a person’s car or home, or other confined area that is a private and personal space. A black-eyed kid may knock on a car window and ask for a ride, or bang on a person’s front door and ask to use the bathroom or telephone, for instance.

The children themselves often appear meek or slow-witted – they may seem unfamiliar with their surroundings, speech, or even their own behaviors, leading many to suspect that they are not of this world. When speaking, they may sound “off” – using antiquated terms or words that don’t quite gel with how a child of such an age would ordinarily speak.

In some instances, black-eyed kids will come across as aggressive, or overly persistent. They may knock on a door several times or repeat their request to gain entry.

As to what the motivation is behind this desire to be let in, no one truly knows. Some believe that black-eyed kids are extraterrestrials that have morphed into human form in an attempt to gain access to a person’s private space in order to better understand humans and their day-to-day lives. The theory states that a pre-pubescent child would appear harmless enough to be let in to whatever space they are attempting to gain access to.

A Bone-Chilling Experience

There are numerous stories of encounters with black-eyed kids all throughout the internet. One story states that a recluse living in British Columbia, Canada, had just decided to leave his house and watch a movie at the local theater when he heard a knock at the door. Already a little on-edge due to the horror film he had opted to see, the man opened the door and encountered a tall teenage girl, with blonde hair and jet-black eyes. “May I enter the premises?” the girl said. The man panicked and slammed the door. He grabbed his gun and sat quietly in a corner of his house for hours, unable to move and overcome with panic.

Finally at daybreak, he had recovered enough to venture outside and retrieve his mail. The word “soon” was said to have been carved onto his front door.


Incidents where black-eyed kids have actually been “let in” are rare. Most people instinctively feel that something is amiss when accosted by these children and so deny them entry. The few stories we have of those who opted to let the children in generally do not end well for those who do. Disappearances, as well as mysterious (and sometimes fatal) illnesses among those victimized by the children have been claimed, though many put these down to myth.

Are black-eyed kids real? Are they extraterrestrial in nature? Who can truly say. What is certain though is that stories of them are growing in number and have risen exponentially since the 1990s. Some feel that these children, as part of paranormal folklore, may be paranormal in nature themselves – that is to say, more along the lines of ghosts, spirits and demonic entities than aliens. But given that we know so little about them, we cannot say for certain.

This brief introduction to black-eyed kids relates some of the more chilling tales from those who claim to have encountered these mysterious beings.

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