Dark Blinking UFO Appears Over Ennis, Texas (August 3rd 2017)

This dark object appeared to phase in and out

A saucer-shaped object strongly resembling a classic UFO was filmed over the small town of Ennis, Texas, about 20 miles south of Dallas recently. A local filmed the UFO seen in the footage below from his back porch.

This particular object is captivating in that it appears to blink or fade in and out of sight, almost as if it is phasing in and out of our dimension. We see this phenomenon occasionally in Ufology, but this sighting is unique in that the appearing/disappearing is very clear and easily visible with the naked eye.

The UFO appears dark, suggesting a predominantly black color, but it may also be metallic or silver, as there is some light reflecting off it, which is discernible when we zoom in on it. The object moves quite slowly, but interestingly, it seems to reappear in a slightly different location each time it materializes, suggesting that it is capable of traveling while invisible (or cloaked).

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