Bright Orb Over Tamworth, England (May 22nd 2017)

This blinking white orb shows up clearly against the dark sky

This footage shows a bright white orb-like UFO streaking across the skies of Tamworth, England.

Uploaded on May 22nd, it appears to display many of the same characteristics we’ve been witnessing in numerous other UFO sightings around Europe lately. The video shows the object blinking a strong white light as it makes its way across the sky.

One thing’s for sure – the world is experiencing an epidemic of sorts regarding white orbs of this nature. This particular object does not appear to be a drone as the altitude is quite high and the light given off is significantly brighter than we’d expect to see on one.

Warning: video contains some colorful language.

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  1. Colorful language is ususally a good sign in terms of it being a real sigthing. People are so excited which makes it very real.

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