Black Orb UFO Returns Over Shoreditch, London (July 8th 2017)

This object returned to London skies recently

The strange object that had just been seen over London (and almost collided with a passing jetliner) on July 2nd has just been spotted again, on July 8th. This time, the UFO remains in the air corridor over Shoreditch in London, but is able to stay out of the way of passing airplanes. In the footage below, a passenger jet can be seen in the background, but is not affected by the unusually curious object that seems to have a particular interest in air travel.

The orb itself appears darker than it did in the previous sighting, and seems to vanish into thin air mid-way through the recording. We cannot say definitively if it is the same object, but it does appear to be, despite the darker appearance. Given the overcast day, it could also be that the object is simply reflecting less light than it did previously, as the sighting on July 2nd occurred on a clear, sunny day.

Credits to June Miller for her observations and recordings of the object, though BEAMS (The British Earth And Aerial Mysteries Society) uploaded the video below.

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  1. I Captured this black sphere on iPad, one of many different shaped UFO flying past my roof top balcony. Home situated Shoreditch East London, between aircraft corridor flight paths. Recommend you check out my close up footage of METALLIC ROTATING SPHERE captured as it flies past at close range, Amazing detailed footage!!! I have captured 20+ UFO since retuning to London 2016. All on YOUTUBE and BEAMS. Daily activity over roof Shoreditch E. London. June Miller Ufologist 69years.

  2. Great work June

    I envy you because I always look up to the sky and I never see anything.

    Is there something I should be doing?

    Where can I find this close up you are talking about?

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