Are Men In Black Real?

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From Hollywood movies to Ufology and folklore, the Men in Black are an iconic representation of all that is dark and clandestine regarding UFOs and alien life as a whole. But whether they are in fact real has long been a point of contention among those involved in the study of extraterrestrials.

At first glance, it would seem like a dramatization and a stereotype – a man clad in a dark suit, sporting dark sunglasses and a black (bowler) hat, representing the government, whose job is to threaten those who seem likely candidates for spilling the beans on whatever contact they may have had with alien life. But so many tales of interactions with Men in Black have been told over the years that it may be naive to put the entire phenomenon down to science fiction or overactive imaginations.

How did it all begin?

The first mention of the Men in Black that we have on record dates back to the Maury Island incident of 1947. Since then, many other stories have featured them – some elements remaining the same, with others having a slight twist.

What actually are they?

Among those who consider the Men in Black to be real, there are two prevailing schools of thought. One states that Men in Black are representatives from various branches of the government. Those who subscribe to this theory generally believe that these men are, for the most part, ordinary humans. However, even here there is some disagreement, as some think they are everyday men with families and otherwise mundane lives, while others believe the men have been either captured and coerced into the job, brain-washed, subjected to some type of mind control, or some combination of the three.

The other theory states that the Men in Black are in fact extraterrestrials themselves. Those who believe this generally subscribe to the notion that the Men in Black are aliens who have shape-shifted into what they believe constitutes intimidating figures that humans are predisposed to respect and obey – authoritative men in dark suits.

One of the issues we run into here is that either theory is as likely as it is unlikely. We cannot say for certain one way or the other, because to this day there is no behind-the-scenes information on the Men in Black that pulls any real punches when it comes to serious discussion. Considering it is even up for debate as to whether they even exist, we can only speculate on their true identity if they are in fact real.

What is their job?

Assuming the Men in Black are real, their job is believed to be an unpleasant one – in short, their task appears to be to threaten or otherwise intimidate those who have observed or come into direct contact with extraterrestrials. For what precise purpose, we cannot say. Clearly, there is a major element of secrecy that revolves around not wanting the public to know any more than necessary about alien life.

On the surface, this may seem like a mission impossible of sorts – after all, numerous people have had encounters with aliens and thousands if not millions more have observed UFOs from a distance. But we should also consider the possibility that the Men in Black are in fact real and have threatened countless people with unspeakable horrors, including harming them, their friends or family. If this is true, it may well have proven such a strong deterrent that all the people threatened actually do keep quiet about their experience for the rest of their lives. The truth is, we have no way of knowing what lengths some branches of government or mysterious entities would go to in order to protect certain secrets.

Their interactions with people

Typically, a Men in Black experience will involve a secretive meeting of sorts, that takes place exclusively between someone who has witnessed something they perhaps shouldn’t and their dark-suited companion(s). They may offer to take a person out to eat, or meet with them in isolated surroundings. The Men in Black are often said to drive black cars to and from these meetings.


We’ve all seen the dramatized depictions of Men in Black waving a hand or piece of equipment, effectively wiping a person’s memory of their extraterrestrial encounter in the blink of an eye. Whether such technology exists is again up for debate. Though many people are of the opinion that the high-ranking officials have the knowledge and ability to do such things, such psychological manipulation is almost always played down in official circles.

It is important to note throughout all this that any and all existence of the Men in Black is denied by the powers that be. But wouldn’t that be precisely what they would want us to believe, if the Men in Black were in fact real?

Clearly, there is some element of exaggeration and dramatization when it comes to these mysterious figures. Those who claim to have had encounters with the Men in Black often fear ridicule. Perhaps rightly so, for it does seem like a ludicrous proposition when all is said and done. After all, many experts portray the Men in Black phenomenon as urban legend, or else deluded and paranoid figments of imagination in those who are deemed unstable, unreliable, or attention-seeking.

But by the sake token, we cannot rule out that they do not exist. With so many people relaying stories of them and with our knowledge of governments and their desire to keep the UFO phenomenon under wraps, does it really make sense to disregard all possibility of their existence?

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