Amazing Triangular UFOs Spotted Over Oceanside New York & Newcastle Oklahoma (July 29th 2017)

An almost identical set of lights was seen over both NY and OK recently

Two very different parts of the country, two practically identical sightings – both featuring highly unusual, triangular UFO formations. The first sighting occurred over Oceanside, New York on July 29th, with the other in Newcastle, Oklahoma taking place (we believe) a day or two later.

Both sightings are comprised of a set of three orbs, appearing off-white/orange in color. Both took place at night. We believe the objects are separate orbs, though the person filming the Oklahoma UFOs seems to think they may be part of the same, large object. It is difficult to say definitively, as we are not able to identify any material that may be connecting the lights in either sighting. Interestingly, they also both seem to have a separate UFO trailing the main triangular formation.

Either way, the shock and surprise is clearly audible in both videos. It therefore seems highly unlikely that we are dealing with everyday objects or aircraft. We are noticing certain trends as far as the same objects being seen in multiple places at more or less the same time, both across the United States and elsewhere – but these particular formations are new.

This first video shows the lights observed over Oceanside, New York on July 29th.

And this second video features the orbs seen over Oklahoma.

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